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I am so glad you picked this book up. Thank you and congratulations on getting started using essential oils for your plant care.

I am passionate about helping people find an organic safe way to care for their
plants. Did you know the pesticides have been linked to several diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, asthma, autism, and diabetes? Pesticides are also linked to the decline of pollinator bees and other beneficial insects.

Those who are repeatedly exposed to pesticides have a much higher
likelihood of reduced health causing shorter lifespans. Many pesticides sold to homeowners in the US are banned in other countries!

I’m always shocked when I walk through the homeowner pesticide shelves to see what’s available. If I were to spray many of those pesticides in my greenhouse I would be required to suit up in full PPE to spray, and then shut that greenhouse down for 4 to 12 hours before anyone was allowed to re-enter.

  • Contents: (1) Gardening with Essential Oils Book
  • Pages: 48 (Full Color)

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