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Springtime Essential Oil Blend Recipes

Springtime Essential Oil Blend Recipes

With March coming to an end, spring is on its way! Fresh flowers are blooming in our gardens and the chill in the air is (hopefully!) beginning to fade. Time to throw open your windows. Go, de-clutter out that corner of your office you’ve let accumulate over the last month. Spring cleaning is upon us. Out with the old and in with the new; that means your oil blends, too! Put away those winter recipes and give these new spring flavors a try.

Spring cleaning is all about re-evaluating your spaces. What works? What doesn’t? What type of energy do you want to permeate your home and life? As you get to work bringing your spaces up to snuff, let these lovely floral recipes add an extra pep to your step.

Calm Garden

A great way to start off this list is this blend of lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. You know spring is getting off to a good start if you see the lavender start to bloom nice and early! These light purple flowers offer a well-celebrated calming effect that can cleanse a stuffy room like nothing else. Rounded out with rosemary and lemongrass, this is a balanced and soft recipe to bring a bit of zen to your day. 

4 drops of lavender oil
2 drops of rosemary oil
1 drop of lemongrass oil

Stress-Free Spring

While spring is a time of beauty and joy, it also marks that time when the shine of the new year fades away and resolutions have fallen off the wagon. So, sometimes we need something to help calm our nerves as we forge forward into new beginnings. Spring is when we re-evaluate and press on! This blend of clary sage, cedarwood, and geranium can help you do that with a clear mind. Clary sage provides a proven combatant to anxiety. Geranium adds a gentle, rosy hint to the blend. Finally, cedarwood gives the whole thing a woodsy twist! This recipe will give you all of the smells of a forest meadow without the two hour trek.

4 drops of clary sage
1 drop of geranium
2 drops of cedarwood

Bright Bouquet

This recipe offers a more classic collection of florals with jasmine in the starring role and rose and ylang ylang supporting it. The foundation of this blend is rich and sweet, thanks to the jasmine, and rose offers a warm edge to it. Ylang ylang provides another layer of sweetness while also bringing to the table some earthiness. This blend is perfect to use in your kitchen as you prepare afternoon tea or test out some new baking recipes!

3 drops of jasmine oil
2 drops of rose oil
2 drops of ylang ylang oil

Springtime Lemonade

Finally, to end off this list is a simple blend of eucalyptus and lemon. Fun, bold, and clean, this combination will remind you of homemade lemonade on a country porch and spring showers washing away winter’s frost once and for all. Equal parts minty and citrussy, it’s a refreshing combination. This is an especially great option for those with spring allergies that need a bit of help breathing more comfortably as eucalyptus is a great oil for helping to clear up airways. 

3 drops eucalyptus oil
3 drops lemon oil

With these four recipes you can help get your spring off to the right start! 

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