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DIY Gift For Him

Looking for a great DIY gift for him? 🎁

Try this shaving cream recipe from the Essential Life books.

Combine the following ingredients in a double boiler:

πŸ§ˆβ…” cup shea butter

πŸ§ˆβ…” cup cocoa butter

🧈¼ cup carrier oil

Once fully melted, remove from heat and cool slightly. Add the following essential oils when the mixture cools slightly but before it sets:

πŸ’§5 drops sandalwood

πŸ’§5 drops peppermint

πŸ’§5 drops tea tree

Allow the mixture to fully cool and then whip with a hand blender for the perfect consistency.Β 

Save in a glass container with aΒ  lid.Β 

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