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Summer Essentials For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Summer brings longer days, warmer weather and the draw to spend more time in the great outdoors. Whether hiking, camping or just soaking up the sun, there are essential oils...

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Valentine's Blend Recipe

Treat yourself and your loved ones on Valentine's day or any day with the perfect "love" potion diffuser blend. Valentine diffuser blend.  2 drops Sandalwood 2 drops Ylang Ylang 1...

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Top 7 Essential Oils For Your Home

It’s sometimes quite shocking to look at the ingredients lists of your household products and realize how harsh the chemicals in them can be. Hair care, cleaning products, air fresheners,...

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Top 5 Essential Oils to Repel Bugs

Looking for some natural relief from pesky summer bugs? Here are some amazing essential oils that just might help keep the bugs at bay. Use oils safely on the skin...

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Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Use this chart to create your own DIY blends, rollers and more. Always start off with less and add more as you go, depending on your recipe and requirements.  ...

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How to Use Essential Oils on the Skin

The healing benefits of essential oils are wide-reaching and well known, but what is less well known about them is how to go about applying them to your skin! We’ve...

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Top 10 Essential Oils To Have On Hand

With so many different essential oils to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know what to start with when you are just learning. This list is a great place...

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Top 5 Resources For Essential Oil Lovers

Here are some of our top resources to choose from:   ADVANCED Oil Magic Series 5 A simple and effective book to help you use every essential oil to its...

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5 Ways To Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Thinking of making some changes this year towards a safer, toxic-free home? The following tips can help you create a clean, comfortable living space without the necessity for harmful chemicals...

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