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Top 7 Essential Oils For Your Home

It’s sometimes quite shocking to look at the ingredients lists of your household products and realize how harsh the chemicals in them can be. Hair care, cleaning products, air fresheners, skin care, and deodorants, just to name a few. If it’s going in our air or on the surfaces we touch constantly or even worse, on our skin, we want to make sure that we’re using things that will be gentle and good for us. This is where essential oils come in! Here we have our seven favourite essential oils for using around the house:


  • Lemon oil for putting in surface cleaners
    This can be a great way to add a bit of extra shine and a clean, fresh smell to anything you’re wiping off as you go about your daily chores–especially wood surfaces! A few drops in an ounce of water can be great for disinfecting and deodorizing. Lemon oil is also fantastic for removing goo or stuck on messes.


  • Lavender oil for bug bites
    A bit of lavender oil diluted in a carrier oil can be great for keeping the itch and inflammation down. It can also work well as a bug repellent to keep future bites at bay! It can also help with burns and wounds, so keep some in your essential oil first aid kit.


  • Tea tree oil for hair and skin
    Tea tree oil is a beauty powerhouse! Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it can be great for treating acne and other surface-level skin infections. And on your hair, it’s great for strengthening your hair and clarifying your scalp, especially if you experience a lot of scalp irritation.


  • Peppermint oil for keeping away bugs and spiders
    Working as a natural spider and bug repellent, it’s a great way to keep them out without bringing in anything toxic to humans. Some peppermint oil mixed in water and an alcohol of some sort can be sprayed on plants, wiped across surfaces such as doorways and windows, and diffused into the air to keep your spaces clear. And it smells great too!


  • Rosemary oil for air freshening
    Spritzing some rosemary oil diluted in water and a touch of rubbing alcohol can give your room a sweet smell! Fresh sprigs of rosemary are great, but the scent fades eventually. With this method, you can spray it all over and it’s so much easier to refresh it.


  • Eucalyptus oil for cleaning stainless steel
    A few drops of eucalyptus oil to a wet cloth can be great for clearing out grim and icky build-up on your stainless steel appliances. Key with this one, though, is to dry it with a microfibre cloth after to prevent streaks.


  • Clove oil for purifying laundry
    Clove oil added into the wash cycle or into a wool dryer ball is great for getting rid of odours sticking to your laundry. Smelly clothes won’t stand a chance against this!


And there we have it! Seven easy potential situations where you can switch out harsh chemicals and cleaners with something more natural and green-friendly. What are your favourite ways to introduce essential oils into your household chores? Let us know!

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