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Top 10 Essential Oils To Have On Hand

With so many different essential oils to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know what to start with when you are just learning. This list is a great place to begin your essential oil journey and add to as you learn more about essential oils.

Top 10 Essential Oils We Recommend:

  1. Tea Tree - this antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral oil is great for so many things including cleaning surfaces and the air. We recommend to always have this on hand.
  2. Lemon - from residue remover to powerful cleaner, lemon essential oil is a great option for a lot of applications around the home. It's also a great energizer for days where you need a little extra oomph.
  3. Lavender - a requirement for every natural home pharmacy, lavender is great for cuts, burns, sleep, relaxing, cleaning and much more. One of the most popular essential oils of all times and kid-friendly too!
  4. Peppermint - from disinfecting to helping you breathe easier, peppermint is a fantastic option to have on hand year-round.
  5. Eucalyptus - clear the air and your breathing with invigorating eucalyptus. It is also fantastic for topical applications as an analgesic, bug repellent  and more.
  6. Frankincense - the King of oils. This powerhouse oil is great for the skin, the mind, the body and the soul. It's ancient use dates back centuries and it works for so many ailments, issues and emotional blocks.
  7. Bergamot - a kid-friendly, antioxidant, antibacterial oil used for skin, emotional stability, relaxation, sleep and more.
  8. Chamomile - reduce anxious feelings, support digestion, ease skin conditions, promote sleep and even more. This essential oil is fantastic for a lot of conditions and kid-friendly too.
  9. Ylang Ylang - helps with sad feelings, boosts mood, can decrease heart rate and reduces anxious feelings. Pairs well to create custom blends for sleep and relaxation.
  10. Sandalwood - antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, calming and promotes mental clarity. It can even help promote healing and reduce the appearance of scars.

Every essential oil has its own use and many combine to create powerful blends, but having the right essential oils on hand for every situation is ideal. These top 10 oils will help to create your at-home pharmacy for almost any ailment, illness or malady. Grow your collection from here and learn to create custom blends that work perfectly for you and your family. We have lots of resource books on our website that can help.

To learn more, check out our book resources here.

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